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Workflow Reassignment

urrently, the only way for a delegate or manager to get a submitted workflow transaction out of the pending list of transactions is to either approve it or deny it. There needs to be a way that originators or managers can have transactions reassigned to another manager. If a manager's manager is out of the office when a transaction is submitted and has not set up a proxy to approve the transactions while he/she is away, there is no way to reassign the transaction to another manager. The only thing that can be done is for someone higher in the chain of command to submit the transaction and have his or her manager approve it. When the initial manager's manager returns to the office he/she may approve the transaction at that time which may cause a duplicate transaction to be entered.

The KBA Technologies LLC Workflow Reassignment application allows administrators or other managers (with security and authority) to reassign a workflow transaction to another manager and delegate.

Reassign Worfkflow for Managers and Delegates

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