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Whether it's day-to-day PeopleSoft change management, a maintenance pack installation, a tax update, an Upgrade, or an enhancement initiative, PeopleSoft systems are constantly in a state of change. This change causes impact in a multitude of ways which can have both schedule and financial impacts to a program.

If one or more of these events occurred during your PeopleSoft initiatives, consider using iMPACTUS!?

  • During build/development phase the impact/scope of a change being made is greater than what the design states. As a result the fit-gap and design for the deliverable need to be revisited.
  • During unit/system/parallel/UAT testing, test cases unrelated to a change that was made are failing due to incomplete impact analysis.
  • A downstream integration, report, or process is failing in production due to a recent code migration.
  • A customization breaks due to a recent tax update or a maintenance pack

Organizations that have faced these situations in the past have unfortunately paid the price for it in terms of schedule slippage, unplanned costs, and/or unplanned man-hours. The primary root cause of such issues is an incomplete fit-gap or impact analysis during the initial stages of executing a change and or initiating a project. It is therefore paramount that a team has the ability to provide accurate and complete impact analysis in a quick and concise manner to keep projects and day-to-day PeopleSoft change management within timeline and budget.

Impact analysis is an integral part of PeopleSoft-specific change management. Yet the traditional tools we've been using thus far, such as application designer, compare reports, running grep commands or using the windows search utility (to search for keywords in SQRs and COBOL programs), are:

  • Time-consuming
  • Inaccessible - due to security reasons analysts and super users don't have access to these tools and therefore the added dependency on developers/DBAs/PS administrators.
  • Results are voluminous and cryptic - Impact analysis results almost always have to be recreated/reformatted to make them presentable to management.
  • Require manual level of effort estimation - The objective of understanding the impact of a possible change is to capture everything that is impacted and plan the work effort around it. Yet there are no tools that seamlessly integrate these two aspects.


What if there was a tool that that could provide quick and easy analysis in minutes instead of days and weeks? What if this tool minimized risk by capturing all the impact accurately in one shot and then allowed you to seamlessly plan the resources for it?

The PeopleSoft professionals at KBA Technologies have done just that. Our tool iMPACTUS! provides:

  • A 100% percent accurate object count that lists each object in a tree view within minutes. This includes SQR and COBOL listings which lessens development time and removes the possibility of inaccurate object counts and changes.
  • Displays object definitions without having to open and access Application Designer. This allows users from any location to view objects without having to have Application Designer installed.
  • Client licenses, install times and maintenance on desktops are minimized while providing functional users a tool without having to grant them access to PeopleSoft. Reduces the Security team's management of users who don't really need PeopleTools access.
  • Launches Application Designer with all identified objects opened and readied for modification. There is no need to open each object one by one, therefore reducing the time for code changes and reducing the possibility of missed object changes.
  • Standardized Level of Effort reports which can be utilized by Change Control Boards to quickly understand changes and arrive at informed decisions. These reports also provide the project team the ability to adjust for a high performing versus low performing team. This provides for a more accurate time estimate.

iMPACTUS! minimizes risk helps plan for PeopleSoft changes/projects by ensuring your fit-gap/impact analysis is complete and accurate. It further reduces significant administrative work by providing management-ready presentable reports with the click of a button.

To learn more about iMPACTUS!, contact us