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Manager Job Change with Compensation

Looking for a simple, fully automated and configurable manager self-service application to replace all your online PeopleSoft eProfile and eCompensation manager transactions? KBA Technologies LLC has created a single user friendly Job Change application with built-in multi-step approval processes that allow managers to perform any Job related changes.

The Issues with PeopleSoft eProfile & eCompensation

  • Multiple applications that perform limited, single transactions with confusing GUI's and separate approvals
  • Only current managers can 'Push' and employee into a new location, department or new supervisor, not the receiving manager
  • Lack of functionality if using Position Management
  • eProfile applications only allow for a subset of potential Job related transactions

The Solution: KBA Technologies LLC Job Change Package Application

  • A single, fully configurable application that can complete ANY job Change transaction, including pay changes.
  • Built-in manager pull abilities. Current managers don't have to complete transfer details before submitting to the new supervisor
  • Position Management support allows managers to request new positions or changes to existing positions
  • A single application with different rules, terminology and display values based upon population, country, or business unit using the Job Change CAM
  • Created by former PeopleSoft developers using only PeopleTools, so upgrades to future releases easy and seamless and won't impact your PeopleSoft Upgrades

PeopleSoft eProfile and eCompensation manager desktop applications have been broken up into multiple applications by transaction type (Transfer, Promotion, Job Code, Salary Change, etc). The number of individual applications can cause confusion with managers as it may require several transaction steps to complete a simple, single transaction. For example- a promotion may require a manager to enter separate transactions in eProfile and eCompensation (Promotion, hours change, and salary change). The KBA Technologies LLC Job Change transaction will allow managers and delegates to perform any job data changes with all your delivered business rules and workflow within a single application and a single approval process. The KBA Technologies LLC Manager Job Change is also fully integrated with PeopleSoft workflow in versions 8.8, 8.9 and even the new Application Workflow Engine in PeopleSoft 9.0.

Why confuse managers with multiple applications that look and perform differently when a single, configurable application can be implemented in half the time it takes eProfile and eCompensation. Schedule an online demo today


Single Application for all Manager Job Transactions

Allow managers and delegates to perform almost any Job Change application, as setup by administrators, within a single, intuitive application. With PeopleSoft eProfile, the manager may have to perform as many as 3 transactions just to promote an employee. That's three data transaction entered by the manager, 3 separate workflows to be approved and 3 updates to the system. With the KBA Technologies LLC Job Change application, the manager only selects the Job Change they want to perform (ie. a promotion, transfer, pay change, etc) and all the required data fields appear dynamically, with all business rules enforced. Reduce the time and training it takes managers to perform their MSS transactions. Reduce calls to the help desk and reduce data inaccuracy in the HR system.

  • PeopleTools based, user friendly PeopleSoft interface for the casual user/manager
  • Job Change edits occur as user enters data using AJAX scripts and again once the application is approved and PeopleSoft updated using Component Interfaces
  • Side-by-side comparison of old and new job change data for users and approvers
  • Fully integrated with PeopleSoft 8.9 Direct Reports UI Application Packages and Application Workflow Engine (AWE) in PeopleSoft 9.0
  • Email and worklist notifications can be setup for multiple approvers or serial approvers
  • Application includes transaction status and workflow approval pages
  • Data preview page with data changes highlighted before submittal
  • User friendly setup and design minimizes required user training
  • Allows Transfers to new managers without needing new job information
  • Integrated with PeopleSoft Position Management to allow managers to request position data changes

JobChg 25 ProwPay

Sample Pay Change Application

MSS JobChg Pay full

Fully Configurable via CAM using dynamic application rendering

KBA Technologies LLC Job Change application allows administrators to completely define and setup the application using the Configuration & Administration Module (CAM). Each field on the application is identified and configured based upon the job transaction being performed. Hide fields, make them required, or display only; you decide the application options. All this setup functionality without having to work with a developer because it's all dynamically updated using the latest PeopleTools technology.

MSS Jobchg CAM

Integrated with KBA Technologies LLC Delegation and Manager Maintenance

Fully integrated with KBA Technologies LLC Delegation and Manager Maintenance applications. Allow delegates to perform manager transactions with full audit and security.

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