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Manager Delegation

Do managers complain that they would like the ability to delegate certain manager transactions to peers or administrators? With KBA Technologies LLC Delegation, a manager can assign manager transactions to another employee with full security and appropriate approvals. Each application can be broken up and a Delegate assigned access in one of 3 ways (Initiate, Approve, Both), allowing the Delegate to interact with the managers direct reports. Delegate authority can also be divided up by application role (Salary Change vs. Job Data Change w/o Salary.

The KBA Technologies LLC Delegation functionality is fully integrated with existing PeopleSoft eProfile & eCompensation Manager eApplications as well as KBA Technologies LLC Package Service applications. It is also integrated with PeopleSoft Time & Labor and Absence Management.

Manager Assign Delegation Access

Managers can configure their delegation access to employees with start end dates, application by application and within each application, access can be setup to allow delegates to initiate, approve or both. Once a delegation is assigned or revoked, access security is automatically updated.

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Delegate Access

When the delegate logs into the system and navigates to the application, if they have delegate access to perform the initiation, they will be presented with a drop down allowing them to select the manager to perform the transaction for.

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