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eMerit for eComp - Annual eMerit Group Salary Change

The PeopleSoft eCompensation Group Salary application delivers the functionality to enable managers, group supervisors or administrators to input annual or group merit increases for employees. However, this application is not widely utilized because of the overwhelming amount of work required to create, configure and maintain groups and group budgets. KBA Technologies LLC has developed tools that dramatically improve the usability and performance of the eCompensation Group Salary application by automating the group build and budgeting process. The KBA Technologies LLC eMerit tool creates groups, group security and the corresponding budgets via uploaded parameters.

To facilitate reporting group reporting, KBA Technologies LLC created the eZ-Merit reporting tool that allows users to review annual merit and performance review data before, during and after it has been submitted. This tool allows users to view all data online or download reports into MS Excel for review and data modeling, to post comments to other approvers/users, or to approve budget amounts before submittal for final approval steps.

So don't let your PeopleSoft eCompensation sit on the shelf any longer. Allow KBA Technologies LLC to implement your PeopleSoft eCompensation Group Salary applications with KBA Technologies LLC tools and realize your full PeopleSoft investment.

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PeopleSoft eCompensation Group Budget Salary Change

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KBA Technologies LLC eZ-Merit Reporting Tool

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KBA Technologies LLC eMerit CAM

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