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State W4 Update

Empower your employees to update their own State W4 information while processing all delivered PeopleSoft business rules. In conjuction with the delivered PeopleSoft Federal W4 application, most employee W4 information can now be accessed via self service, freeing the payroll department to perform other functions (like getting people paid).

State Detail Pages

Each state can be setup and configured to allow employees to review and update their State W4 information. Even states with specific requirements are reflected within the page.


State W4 List Page

Employees can review all their current state tax setup in PeopleSoft. If they would like to change a withholding amount and that state setup allows them, they simply select the state to update and that particular state W4 form will appear.


Fully configurable

The State W4 application is fully configurable using the Configuration and Administration module (CAM). All state links, URL, and messages as well as State marital status can be configured and updated via a PeopleSoft page, so no developer interaction is required as state statues change.