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ePay Check - YTD, Secure

PeopleSoft ePay check application has been a significant ROI for organizations and a beneficial tool for employees to access their pay information in a self-service environment. However, the delivered ePay check application has some major gaps in functionality and user design. Issues include:

  • Year to date values when viewing historical checks are not available or displayed
  • When printing a check, more than 4 pages of paper are required
  • Check data could easily be falsified and reprinted by employees when viewed in HTML
  • No overtime breakout by pay period (as per law in some states)
  • No organizational branding features

We have developed enhancements to the PeopleSoft ePay check application that resolve these issues.

YTD values for ALL Checks

ALL checks, current, historical month end, historical non-month end are accurately and dynamically re-calculated and displayed on the eCheck, without the need to create and store YTD totals in custom tables.

Secure Check Image, Single Page Printing

Check is loaded as a single page image to address potential issues with EE's saving the HTML code and modifying it to falsify their income levels for loan approvals, etc. Options include shadow background or watermarks. Check image is also correctly sized to print on a single printer page vs. the 4 pages usually outputted by the delivered PeopleSoft ePay Check.

Overtime Calculation by Period

Many states require employers to track and display overtime values by pay period vs. how delivered PeopleSoft displays them as sum totals for that check period. This modification resolves this requirement by breaking down overtime hours, amounts and rates by pay period.

Dynamic Company Logo & Fraud Watermark

When customers have multiple companies, agencies, business units, etc with different logos, it is desirable to utilize the logo for that business entity. This modification can be completely setup by functional users (even uploading the image to PeopleSoft) to display the proper entity logo on the online check.