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eBenefits - EOI Enhancement

Dealing with EOI issues can be time consuming for the Benefit's departments and confusing for employees to understand. We have developed an EOI enhancement that facilitates the options employees have for selecting the proper EOI level while reducing additional EOI rework for administrators by as much as 80%.

EOI Reset

During the enrollment process, EOI flags cause Benefits Administrators hours of rework when employees select an EOI plan that isn't within their approval rating. Thus their selections must be manually reset until the insurance carrier can approve the requested amount. Our product reduces the amount of rework required with a configurable enhancement that ranges in options an automated batch approval process with the carrier to an online reset with workflow instructions.

The EOI reset option automatically resets to the EOI request to the highest level the employee can enroll in without validation and the employee is then forwarded to a preprinted carrier application for additional EOI levels that can be submitted to the Benefits department or to the vendor for approval.

eBenefits EOI